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Default Re: What are you reading?

didn't see this til now

It was a very good read and I'm sure I will go through it again in a few years. I'll probably check into that philosophy podcast to get their take on things.
not sure if you've listened to it yet but they come to a similar conclusion as you and me, even if there's was out of rigourous thought and method where as ours was out of confusion. it's not really coherent. the link between the truth seeking of the scientific method and the.... truth feeling (?) of eastern philosophy can only be tenuously established at best. where i landed, or at least what i took out of the book rather than trying to read into the author's intent, was that the main character's plunge into the ins outs and absurd contradictions of "quality" exemplified what can happen when you take the hunt for real grounded definitive answers too far. you lose your fking mind lol. and i suppose through the history of philosophy, there's case study after case sstudy of just that.

end point being if you try to highlight a single concept as a way to ground an entire system thats supposed to encompass everything in existence, it inevitably breaks down. no matter what the concept is, the world doesn't allow for that kind of axiomatic simplification.

thats my shallow take on it anyway, and i call it shallow because most of the book in that regard went over my head, as did parts of the podcast. but even if the thesis isn't revelatory or groundbreaking or anything, he still has all sorts of little insights throughout that make it worth the read.

i just started the road, very good already and it shouldn't take long. after that i might pick up Creation by Vidal, my library has it and i remember Dasher recommending it a while back. i read Myra Breckenridge and Myron (the sequel) a few months ago and was blown away, such a fluid writer and a lot of its blatantly obnoxious just to push the reader's buttons i think. tho i expect his historical fiction wont be like the avant guarde sex stuff. looking forward to that.

i'm also poking through a copy of the Pentagon Papers that a friend loaned me a while back, now seems kinda relevant. i keep thinking of a quote, "comparing yesterday's lies to tomorrow's leaks"
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