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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
I've honestly had a feeling that Otto Porter would go to the Cavs at #1 since the lottery. Perfect fit for the Cavs because of the way he can fit offensively with Ivring/Waiters and he gives them a big, long defender on the wing that they will need if they want to be a playoff team in the future. He is a pretty "safe" pick imo but still has a lot of great upside.

Given the Cavs tendency to ignore conventional wisdom, I would almost be surprised if the pick wasn't Porter.
Been saying that for a while. If there are concerns about Noel's longterm healthy, I think he will be the pick.

The lack of media hype around him being the No. 1 pick tells me that he's probably being looked at very closely by the Cavs. Since Grant took over, it has become obvious that they like playing games with the media and throw of other franchises as to their true intentions.

The guy NOT being talked about is the guy to really watch out for. Who had Thompson or Waiters to the Cavs at No. 4 in their mocks in 2011-12? Answer? No one.
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