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Default Re: Official 2013 NBA Draft Thread - June 27, 2013, 7:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted by frmsea2okc
Using the #12 is a wast imo. Trade #12, 28 & 31 for #3,4,5 and try to get Oladipo/Mac/Bennett.
You aren't getting a Top 5 pick for 12 and two of the last picks in the first round. Conventional wisdom says there are 5-6 real potential impact players in this draft... Noel, Len, Porter, Oladipo, McLemore and Bennett. I don't see any team in that range giving up one of those guys for so little. And, if they would consider dealing a pick that high, they could do better than that from some other team, I'm sure.

Originally Posted by frmsea2okc
OKC is sadly too cheap to amnesty Perk and to loyal to fire Scotty Brooks so how about a pick or two and Perk for Andy Varajao? (Basically Perk & picks dump em on a terrible team with some cap room i.e. Cle, Sac, Mil)
Why on earth would the Cavs do that? They already have too many picks as it is. They own No. 1, 19, 31 and 33. The only pick they'd be interested in is No. 12 and there's no way in hell they give you Varejao and take Perkins' salary off your hands for that pick... Especially since they're reportedly working out a deal to get #13 and Shawn Marion for 19, 31, 33 and filler.

Varejao is not filler.
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