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Originally Posted by CARONBUTLER
Then name the other top 5 PG's if Billups isn't behind Nash. Im talking PG's not SG that happend to play PG like Arenas. Billups is very clutch so your an idiot for not saying he is. I agree that Marion is more versatile Prince is second best. Name a more core 4 group of players then. Plus look at that Heat series and Big Ben was non-existent in that series.
wait why does arenas suddenly not warrant being a PG?
If anything billups is more of a shoot first guy himself than he is a true PG.
Plus look at Carbine's post. Ben was the anchor of that team. He defined it their play. hardwork, scrappy play, tough, phyiscal, all qualities he bought to the team. When a tight knit group loses an important part like that, things come apart. A great coach can ofcourse offset that and hold things together, its too bad the pistons don't have a great coach.
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