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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Knickscity if that wasn't the biggest reach to prove a point I've ever seen... I don't know what is.

Mario Chalmers is a play maker, defender and is more important than Ray Allen. Gotcha.

My issue also with you continues to be your lack of consistency within arguments. You complain about the Knicks makeup, but then every time we make a foolish offseason blunder, I get on Grunwald and you go jump to his defense. You can't acknowledge our roster issues and then, after every game, find some way to blame Carmelo Anthony. We have Scooter for that. We dont need you to do it as well lol. Miami has the same cap issues we have. Yet they seem to find talent. We don't. We waste money on people like Jason Kidd. Maybe this offseason, when Grunwald becomes Dumwald, we can call a spade a spade OK?

If calling Grunwald bad makes you happy....go for it.

But here's what you dont get.

You really think if Miami had lost they'd blame it on Mike Miller Battier and Ray Allen?

Hell no, the star gets the blame.LeBron would have caught all that.

So when Mr 40% from the field can't win a series while taking 36% of the team plays....he's gonna get that work.

But i know...

Dont compare him to LeBron, dont compare him to durant.

But when I compare to Granger and Monta yall get mad.
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