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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Firstly, LeBron plays with Wade and Bosh. Melo doesn't. And the games they lost, the media cried about LeBron's lack of help...and rightfully so. If Miami would have lost Game 7, or even Game 6...the blame wouldn't have been on LeBron...ALSO rightfully so. So if it makes it OK to repeat idiotic comments just because that's what everyone else is go join the crowd. I'm not about to spew hatred towards our best player when I actually WATCH the games and can formulate an opinion for myself. I know what I see. I see a guy out there with very little help leading a mediocre team to a 50+ win season despite playing out of position and said team being completely hammered with long term injuries.

If you also want to cry about Melo not being LeBron and Durant for Melo's entire tenure can do that as well. Then when he's gone, and we're rebuilding, you can continue to see promise in a team that isn't going anywhere like a lot of people here did when Gallo was the "franchise player." Bottom line is, WE DON'T HAVE LEBRON. WE DON'T HAVE DURANT. WE HAVE MELO. And the same fans, like yourself, that can't get over that fact, are ironically the same reason LeBron probably didn't want to come here in the first place. End of the day, neither LeBron or Durant would win a ring with this roster.

So far however, all the 2 guys I complained about in last offseason ended up being the worst performing Knicks in the post season.

As I said day...I'm going to get you to say Franchize...You're right! lmao
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