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Default Re: Official Celtics Off-Season Thread

Not a Celtics fan, but the Doc trade made me wanna come see what the forums are like.

Anyway, someone mentioned cutting/waiving Pierce. I think he still has value, particularly for a contending team that believes they are one piece away... or a stupid team (no offense to Pierce).

My favorite Pierce idea is his going to SA, but they didn't (looked last season) have the salaries to make it work. But now, what about...

Pierce to Brooklyn


Humphries and Brooks?

Humphries is obviously to match salaries, and his deal is the same length as Pierce's, so it is not terrible to bring back. Brooks is a solid, young, scoring wing. Brooklyn could toss in a second round pick (doubt they'd be talked into a first, but obviously that is ideal).
Basically, it's time to flip the aging vets for younger players.

KG trades:

To GSW -- RJ, Draymond Green, a pick. GSW would have a pretty nasty lineup, on paper.

Denver -- Wilson Chandler, a pick.

OKC -- Perkins (sucks, obviously), Lamb
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