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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Franchize if you think the Knicks won 50 games solely because of Melody that's fine even though its false.

Here's my analysis..... what kind of players do you need for Melo to win?

You can't seriously say for his whole career its because of subpar teammates.

The reason why I hold Melo accountable? Because he steps on the court and shoots low 40s in the playoffs, and takes a third of the teams plays and wont make plays for others.

And from this day, yes I will hold him to LeBrons standard because he makes more and does less while having the ball more.

The ironic part about it......he played better when virtually alone.

He had one great game against Boston 2 years ago.

He had several good games against Miami last year.

This year......nothing notable, even though he advanced farther.

When he steps his game up, then I will look elsewhere.
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