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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Originally Posted by Clutch
Miami bought their team.
Only "home" players they have besides Wade are Cole,Chalmers and Haslem and neither of them really had a big impact in the Finals.

The most valuable players on the team were bought,thus the Heat bought their team.

Surround Melo with LeBron and Bosh and the Knicks are favorites to win the title too.

The thing is,even when we buy players we don't buy good ones. Signing Tyson was obviously a failure. Same with Kidd,Camby and the other old guys.
I see where you are coming from and I definitely agree with the last statement.

Miami bought LBJ and Bosh. They did it right mortgaged the future the length of LBJ Bosh and Wades contract. The distinct difference is they had Wade. They gave up what for Bosh picks... They gave up what for LBJ a trade exception and picks....

The Knicks had nothing. There was nothing here to be teamed up with. Literally the Knicks gutted the roster and traded away most of their picks.

Really the Heat didnt have to buy a whole team. The Knicks did and the Knicks are. Not the same thing and the Knicks did it wrong.

People want to play in Miami because they do it right class and winning organization Riley gets players in Miami because of LBJ and Wade and the city. No one wants to play here because the Knicks do it all wrong.
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