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Default Re: 2013 Wimbledon Thread

Originally Posted by plowking
Guess the courts were a bit quicker this time around, hey?

People seriously need to calm down with this Rafa possible GOAT talk. He could win as many as he wants, and he wouldn't be. Take him for what he is; a great clay court player who happened to win a few titles on the other surfaces before he was figured out a little.
He is close to unbeatable on clay. Incredible stamina, and ability to chase down every shot. But once you get on the quicker courts, its harder to keep that up, and he has to rely more on his opponent missing his shots than him doing anything about it. He plays moonball tennis.

I understand the general point of your post but I think you're selling Rafa short. The only player who has "figured him out" consistently has been Djoko. If it weren't for him, Rafa would have several more hardcourt Slams under his belt.

Plus, the 2008 Wimbledon Final. The "Best Final Ever". Don't see how one just "happens" to win titles with matches like that.
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