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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I loved Porter as a fit for Cleveland when they were drafting three, then they moved up, and it seemed like too high, but the more I look at it, I agree that there's no reason not to take him if you still believe he's the best fit. The only other options are two bigs with health concerns, and who have their limitations even when healthy. And McLemore or Olidipo both undermine last years pick in Waiters, even if I think both are better prospects, it's not as if it's by some huge margin. And both of those guys have some questions anyway, and who wants to draft a pure wing at one anyway.
Plus with the depth among bigs this year, who's to say you can't find something at 19 who while maybe a longer shot than Noel or Len, at least has some comparible skills. Adams has tons of potential, Olynek has a diverse offensive game, Deng will defend the PnR and knock down elbow jumpers on PnP, Gobert is young and longer than anyone ever even thought I've lost interest. My favorite now is Lucas Nogeira, the young Brazilian kid, who someone has to explain to me how Noel is the top overall prospect, and this kid is like a fringe first rounder on most boards, when they're such incredibly similar prospects. There's a ton of bigs in this draft.

Yes a ton! With next years draft potentially being what is hyped up to be, do you think teams like the bulls who is trying to win now, trade next years pick (they also got that Charlotte pick which is top10 protected but I believe isn't the year after) so they can dangle potential 3 first round picks including this years first for a potential trade to bring in a victor oladipo? I know I'm thinking nba2k but it's fun to consider, imagine that bulls lineup with victor... Wow! And with mirotic coming on board the yr after.

Maybe with the suns if he's still available at #5.

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