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Default Re: 2013 Wimbledon Thread

Originally Posted by bdreason
This is complete BS. There is a huge difference losing to a top 10 player in the semi's and getting swept in the 1st round by a no-name scrub.

Not when it comes to who the GOAT is.

GOAT goes almost hand in hand to who WINS the most.

Not who loses in a semi. Or loses in a 1st round.

Sampras lost in the 1st and 2nd round a bunch of times. Nobody cares....there was still a large debate of who the greater player was when Roger was nearing Sampras' record of grand was only until Roger surpassed and ultimately put distance between them that it has become a vast majority in favor of Fed.

At the end of the day when people judge Nadals career, it will be how many grand slams he has won. If it's too close to call, other things will be used, like H2H record, Davis' cups, Masters titles, gold medals....all of which Nadal holds a very tidy resume.
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