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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

I have said that Tyson Kidd and JR played like doo-doo in the playoffs, what else is there to say about them?

I'm also saying that our best player played liked ass as well.

Tyson number one job is to rebound and defend, he didn't do his part, although most players have said the Knicks didn't lose because of defense, but rather they missed shots.

Thats what THEY said, but i guess it's wrong to zero in on who took the most shots and was inefficient in such.

You really thinik I'd complain if Melo hit his regular season average in the playoffs?

He didn't and that's the issue, stars rise....40% does not cut it.

No, it's not all about Melo, but then is.

Think about it, he has a chance to opt out after next season, which usually players cash in on raises.

Melo is scheduled to get a pay raise starting at 25 million, because he will be leaving 23 million on the table.

The salary cap if were lucky will be 60 million.

Now do the tell me a GM can field a team with one guy 5 million less than half?

I guarantee you if the Knicks sign him with a starting pay that much, everyone on this board is gonna be pissed.

For this team to field a proper squad, melo will have to line up with the current CBA, which will put him between 17-19 million.

We'll soon find out what's most important.
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