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Default Re: 2013 Wimbledon Thread

Originally Posted by bdreason
Also, acting like consistency doesn't matter is ridiculous. Sure, it's mostly about winning Majors, but both Sampras and Federer managed to hold the #1 ranking for YEARS. Federer held the #1 ranking for 237 consecutive weeks (4 1/2 years). The longest Nadal has held the ranking was 56 consecutive weeks, or just over 1 year. Even if you look at total weeks ranked at #1, Federer has a 3 to 1 edge (302 to 102).

Nadal has lost his ranking because of injuries, not because of a lack of consistency.

If Nadal never wins another Major besides the French, he will never be considered the GOAT. I don't care if he wins 10 more French Open's. You can't just show up for clay court season, and be considered the GOAT.

It's almost like you're suggesting Nadal sucks on the other courts.

Let's just refresh your memory here:

He has two Wimbledon titles, one of which he beat Roger in his prime.

He has won a title on the hard courts of AUS, beating Roger.

He has a US Open title, beating Novak.

Last I checked, that's a career grand slam - you don't do that unless you're really good on all surfaces.
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