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Default Re: NSA whistleblower Snowden arrives in Moscow

Originally Posted by miller-time
Originally Posted by Nanners
disagree. those "flimsy rape charges" are simply intended to get him out in the open so he can be captured by swedish/uk officials and extradited to the US. i think he should stay inside the ecuador embassy and keep doing what he is doing.

I'm pretty sure he said he would face those charges if he was assured he wouldn't be extradited.

Please, he knows the Swedish government cannot legally promise him immunity to extradition. First of all that would run counter to the principle of trias politica, secondly and more importantly: how can you promise someone immunity before you know what the alledged crime is?

The entire premise is false. It would be against European and Swedish law to extradite Assange to the US for anything related to Wikileaks. Assange's assertion is that if the USA puts on the pressure the UK and Sweden will simply ignore their laws and extradite him anyway, yet the only reason he isn't in custody right now is because the UK is following their laws.

If the UK or Sweden were willing to ignore their laws to placate the US, why didn't they simply extradite him when he was in the UK's custody? They could have send him on a plane right then and there, instead they released him on bail. Why don't they just come and pick him up at the Ecuadorian embassy? Sure, that would be against certain Vienna Convetions, but Assange's entire argument is based around the fact that Sweden and the UK would be willing to break laws and conventions to extradite him to the US. Or if Assange says he'll only come if they guarantee they won't extradite him, why not guarantee and ship him out anyway? Sweden would have no problem throwing their human rights laws out of the window, but lying is where they draw the line?

It's essentially a conspiracy theory. And even if there was truth to the conspiracy theory, it's still hurting Wikileaks' reputation and credibility right now.
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