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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

I'm not about to sit up here and act like guys taking pay cuts is the norm. Not when Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay are getting max contracts.

And we could have saved money, but we'd just spend them on guys like Jared Jeffries, Jason Kidd and Mike Bibby. And Knickcity would be blaming Melo for the reason they suck.

Newsflash, Amare is the highest paid player on the team. Newsflash, Chandler gets 14 mill per season. Newsflash, we blew 12 million on Novak, Kidd and Camby last year. Melo earned his. Time for them to earn theirs. And it's time we call out the real culprits. Melo produced more than all of them COMBINED, so miss me with the BS.
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