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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

The fact that we went from a perennial lottery team to a 50+ team with mediocre talent and were arguably the most injured team in the league. And he happened to be BY FAR the best and most talented player on the #2 team in the East. And we happened to get farther in the playoffs than we've been in well over a decade. That's how.

Why even have 5 players on the court then? If it all falls on Melo? You're ok with Chandler. You're ok with Kidd. You LOVE you some Jared Jeffries. But you seem to absolutely HATE Melo. Yet those were the biggest reasons we sucked in the playoffs. In your world, the guy who gets 36 and 7 deserves all the blame but the 1 dimension defender who can't defend and has 2 points and ONE defensive rebound...not his fault. Your argument is about money...but only with Melo. Amare getting MORE than Melo and basically producing less than Andray Blatche (who you were vehemently against us getting)...that's cool. It's ok that Chandler makes 14 mill to get 2 points, zero blocks and 1 defensive rebound in an elimination game. It's ok that Jason Kidd gets over 3 mill to go 10 games without a point. It's ok for Novak to get 4 mill and be a no show in the playoffs because all he can do is shoot wide open 3's. Whatever. Let's just move on. I feel dumb just having this argument with you.

Next topic.
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