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Default Seeing the Blackhawks win tonight makes me really want to see the Bulls win soon...

It's awesome that the Blackhawks won. I'm not a huge hockey fan like I am Bulls/basketball. I would say hockey is probably my third favorite behind basketball and baseball.

Anyways, it made me think just how bad I want to see the Bulls win soon. I was too young to fully appreciate the Bulls and Jordan in the '90s. When Jordan won his last title in Chicago in '98 I was 14. I stopped watching basketball for a few years after Jordan retired. I got into it again big time around 2001/2002 and have been a huge NBA/Bulls fan since. I've stuck with this team throughout all the rebuilding eras. I was watching when they had Curry/Crawford/Chandler and were absolute crap.

It would just be amazing and mean so much more to me now if Rose and the Bulls win a championship in the next couple of seasons. I'd love to celebrate, go to the parade and truly appreciate this one.
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