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Default Re: Isiah Thomas discusses the Knicks

Tyson JR Kidd all played like garbage.

How many posts do i have to say it?

Franchize, you just hate when anyone criticizes precious Melo, and his 40% playoff shooting.

I dont hate the dude, I dont like the way he plays.

If he's gonna take all the shots, be efficient.

The best players are now playmakers, the days of just taking all the shots are fading fast.

As great as Kobe is, even he had a losing record when he took well over 20 shots in a game, but when he focuses on setting up teammates his record was much much better.

It's not likely his fg % is gonna improve now, buit a team oriented approached would make him and the team better.

Otherwise he'll continue to 40% his way out of the playoffs, getting beat by teams that dont even have their best players on them.

and that is not acceptable.
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