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Default Re: The Expand Your Horizons Thread; Recommend Games

You've already played a lot of the games that I would recommend bro.
But you HAVE to play Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 & The Last of Us.

Those are must buys and honestly are my top three games of the last 10 years without hesitation. Red Dead is 4th.

Rake, AC is very repetitive and is the 2nd worse game of the series behind Revelations, in my opinion.

Brotherhood is the best followed by AC 2, in my opinion.
I totally agree with you about BioShock, it is totally not my type of game. But once I gave it a try I absolutely loved the progression in the story. The atmosphere made this game very addicting and I can't believe it; but BioShock is on my top 7 list, and that's a very impressive feat considering I can not stand that genre of games.

So yeah I'd recommend BioShock too.
Tomb Raider, Dead Space, Sleeping Dogs and Infinite are on my "to-play" list now but I'll be too busy perfecting TLoU until GTA 5 comes out, so I doubt I'll play them until like 2014.
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