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Default Re: Favorite games of current gen

Uncharted 3 is better then Uncharted 2, if you play both on crushing.
The reason most of you enjoy Uncharted 2 more is because of a more polished story and a far more intimidating villain. On easier levels, the progression through the story is more enjoyable then Uncharted 3.

However, Uncharted 3 has better graphics, sound, detail; far more interesting side character (Cutter). The missions are more fun (Citadel, Chateau, The Boat, Graveyard, Caravan, The Chase (both as young Drake & against the antogonist)...the game is just more memorable to me and the cut-scenes are more engaging.

Like I said already, to me Uncharted 3 > Uncharted 2 but you have to play both games on crushing. Once you perfect the strategy, you will have such an amazing experience with U3.

I think U3 also forces you to adopt to a more stealthy strategy in certain areas because enemies flank you if you engage in a fire fight. In U2, you can literally beat the entire game on crushing by engaging in a fire fight and using cover; the level design made it too easy to beat it.

U2 is far easier to beat on crushing then U3 or Drake's Fortune; however DF is by far the toughest on crushing.
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