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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by KyleKong
Just finished my rookie season in MyCareer and CP3 just left the Clippers and signed a for year deal with the Cavs

That happens every single time I play a season in any game mode in 2K13. It happened in MyCareer, the Association and Create-a-Legend.
He either signs with the Cavs or sometimes goes to the Pistons. When he goes to the Cavs, him & Kyrie seem to struggle playing with one another.

Originally Posted by TMT
Now that the season is over I've been playing lately. Any ISHers want to play online?

PSN: cg-320

My PSN tag is Manual_Required. I prefer playing the Team-Up mode. I'm on at random times because of my work schedule, so I can't really say how often I'll be on.
If you do send me a friend request, make sure you say you're TMT from ISH.
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