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Default Re: Official 2013 NBA Draft Thread - June 27, 2013, 7:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted by fatboy11
May be.

Really just posted that for documentation purposes so I can come back in 5 years and see what I thought.

I think Burke's floor is Jameer Nelson. Even if he doesn't make an All-Star team, I think he'll be an All-Star caliber player. Mike Conley Jr hasn't made an All-Star team, but I think most would consider him an All-Star caliber guard.

Oladipo should have a long NBA career thanks to his motor and aggressiveness, but he scares me because he came out of nowhere this season. Reminds me too much of someone like Wes Johnson. He's also small for a 2 guard (6'4 in shoes) with no PG skills. He's not a guy you want handling the ball. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if he had a stellar NBA career because he works hard and he's athletic, but I'm just too weary of the one-hit-wonder..
Yeah of course, I'm a big fan of Burke and I think he can be an All-Star caliber player but it'll be tough with the amount of PGs in the league today.
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