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Originally Posted by kshutts1
I would be ok with the proposed trade if it was McLemore, as well. But what about Porter? I don't know much about college players, so I'm not entirely sure on what his skill set is, but I see him mentioned, quite often, as a possible top 3 player.
I really like Porter. He's a versatile guy that does some of everything generally average with some of it good, and should get better at most of those things. One of those utility small forward guys like Iggy, Paul George before this year, Evan Turner, etc. But he played generally in the post at college, and is way too underweight to play there unless he develops into a stretch 4. He's got tweener height though at 6'9? I think.

But Woj is saying the Bulls are working on an extension for Deng now. I hope that's to keep him.
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