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Default Re: Who's going to be the "next Lebron James"?

Originally Posted by tikay0
The NBA should start asking who's going to be the next Lebron?

It's impossible to find the next MJ.

Not speaking in terms of style wise, but mentality, and WILL TO WIN.

You're better off finding the next great stat padder that joins a superteam.

Eh, I agree that LeBron is not MJ (and no one we've seen before, or since, is), but the fact that MJ existed means it's possible there's someone like him in the future - if not someone to surpass him. In terms of pure basketball abilities and accomplishments, the more time that goes on, the more likely that we find someone that can carry that mantle and surpass him.

Are we talking about someone branded and marketed like Jordan though? That's less likely.

Jordan is the best pure basketball player of all time and the best marketed. He may never be surpassed in the latter, but I think it's pretty likely in the next half century or so, we see someone that at the very least rivals him. A person better than LeBron.

What makes LeBron unique is that he combines a brick wall 6'8 250lb frame with frightening athleticism and incredible court vision & passing abilities. But his body is not more unique than Shaq's.
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