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Default Re: Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore?

Originally Posted by The JKidd Kid
I would take Oladipo 10 times out of 10. The guy is a better athlete than McLemore in literally every category. Also Oladipos wingspan is much more important than McLemore's height. I care more about how long your arms are than how long your neck is. Oladipo has also showed a great work ethic and hustle. He also showed that he has the ability and patience to develop a subpar part of his game, which he showed this year with his shooting.

Ben McLemore
Height (in shoes): 6'5 (6'4 3/4 rounded)
Wingspan: 6'8 (6'7 3/4 rounded)
Standing Reach: 8'4 1/2
No Step Vert: 32.5''
Max Vert: 42''
Lane Agility: 11.87
3/4 Court Spirit: 3.27

Victor Oladipo
Height (in shoes): 6'4 (6'4 1/4 rounded)
Wingspan: 6'9 (6'9 1/4 rounded)
Standing Reach: 8'4 1/2
No Step Vert: 33''
Max Vert: 42''
Lane Agility: 10.69
3/4 Court Spirit: 3.25

Eh. I don't think there's a great difference athletically, especially when you consider McLemore has been getting railed for not being prepared for this draft. You could argue he wasn't prepared for that combine.
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