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Default Re: Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore?

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
McClemore is soooooo overrated its not even funny. He doesn't get to the line because he can't dribble for shit, he doesn't show up in big games, and he is a little undersized. the Ray Allen comparisons this guy gets at times are an absolute joke. This guy is the next Jason Richardson at best. You take Oladipo 12 times out of 10. If Cleveland didn't already have Waiters, they would probably take him as he is a great compliment to Irving.
That is really what concerns me most about McLemore, to be perfectly honest. It's not his horrible interviewing skills or being out of shape or being outplayed by marginal prospects in workouts.

In today's NBA, guards need to be versatile. Think of all the best 2s in the NBA over the last decade... Be it Wade, Kobe, Harden, whoever...

Those guys are all capable of initiating the offense if they have to and even splitting time at the 1 if need be. McLemore's suspect handles and lack of playmaking skills make him very limited in how he can attack a defense. If he's going to be Rip Hamilton, fine. He's going to need to absolutely perfect playing off the ball to do so, though, and that is a tough thing to count on. Hamilton had that down to a science. If he's going to be the next Ray Allen, fine... But, he's going to have to become arguably the greatest shooter of all-time. He can shoot, but can he shoot like that?

It's a stretch. McLemore looks like a young Jason Richardson to me.

I'd be much more comfortable with Oladipo, who probably would be capable of running an offense if he had to. Some have even speculated he is a good enough defender to play the 3. I'm not sure about that at his size, but it does show that he's a versatile player. That's a very important trait in today's league.
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