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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

The Amare trade posed above actually wouldn't be that horrible, without the 8 pick included of course. That part is ridiculous.

Here's the thing, he did play well and would add a different element. We'd murder other teams up front and Shumpert would be a nice fit in our backcourt, where we need some size, athleticism and defense.

It could be a total bust of a move, but there's a couple other factors. One, we have to spend 90% of the cap and two, he comes off the books in 2 years, right when a Monroe extension would start. So if we didn't really have anyone to spend our cap space on short term, taking a gamble on him wouldn't hurt us a ton. He'd be an interesting expiring contract after next season as well, especially if he ended up playing well.
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