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Default Re: Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore?

Originally Posted by veilside23
ben mclemore is not jason richardson part 2 .. even if he is so does that mean that oladipo ceiling is higher than jrich ? if that is the case cavs should take him. Draft work outs is moot specially if you know that this kid can do better...

Beasley had a monster draft work outs shooting and dunking over people ...
T rob had impressive work outs and a hell of a work ethic where is he now?

There is a reason that mclemore was touted as the best coming out of this draft by alot of scouts... if they thought oladipo was better then his name would have appeapred but i guess not .
God knows scouts are never wrong. You gave a perfect example in Thomas Robinson. Same with Beasley. Those guys weren't considered elite prospects just because of workouts. Both guys were consdiered elite prospects all season long, just like McLemore.

I really don't see your point. Are you saying the guy who rises up draft boards the further we get along into this process are never as good as the guys considered the best prospects during the season?

Damon Lillard and Dion Waiters were both guys who skyrocketed up draft boards after the season last year. One guy won the ROY and the other was First Team All-Rookie. They were the two highest scoring rookies in the league, too.

The same thing happened with Russell Westbrook and countless others. I guess OKC should have just taken Jerryd Bayless because he was ranked higher during the season, right?

This process is in place for a reason.

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