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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
yea, my POV can be taken as absurdly passive on the face of it. i am often quite naive about that kind of thing, henc3 good for me to get the feedback; ty!

it sure does sound like you need a strawman, which would strongly suggest why some might wanna take a break right now. but if you manage to personally drive away all those with a dissenting take......... well hmm, you’re a scientist, no? i’m imagining that being both valid and invalid as a methodology for useful results in political arguments. hmm.....

i think i will go play ping pong for awhile and see if anything interesting happens. later.

I did use your post as a strawman in some ways, my apologies for being a d1ck like that. I know you are an intelligent and compassionate person and I should have been more careful about misrepresenting your views while trying to illustrate my point. I guess my post was not really a rebuttal to your points as much as it was a response to the mainstream media agenda on NSA spying (an agenda that has been parroted often in earlier pages of this thread.)

Anyway its not my intention to drive people away. On the other hand, I call things as I see them, and if the "dissenters" are unable to put together a coherent counter argument... well lets just say I will never feel bad about shutting up people who dont know what they are talking about.

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