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Originally Posted by (e)
Not related to the draft, but did anyone see what Nate was posting on twitter/Facebook today?

Talking about a 1-2 punch with Rose and himself next year.

I've felt like he was all but gone due to cap situations. Would be sick to get him to comeback. I became a huge Nate fan watching him throughout the year.

I did see that. I don't know how much faith to put into it, but maybe it means his agent and the Bulls are trying to work something out or maybe his agent has received much interested around the league for whatever reason.

Whatever the reason it may be if we're able to bring him back at an affordable right i would most certainly welcome him back.

Him being our spark plug off the bench would be ideal, especially being in the backcourt with Kirk as a part of the second unit.
Nate could guard the backup pg and Kirk could guard the back up sg.
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