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Originally Posted by Rose
I would be hesitant honestly to give him more than 10-11. 13 is what he made this year. That's top 30 player money, I don't think a particular salary should directly rate a player/expectations of the player, but players that range should give an idea of their value. He made LMA, J-Smoov, Brook Lopez money. I don't know if he's in that pay grade. Right below that where Noah and Batum are in the 10-11 range. That's solid. While a lot of what Deng means to the team is more than his 16-6 or whatever it was this year with terrific defense. You can replace a portion of that with a less talented player. Especially given the team's financial standing currently/new cap when factoring in next year's cap is coming in lower than expected.

If he thinks he can get 13+ on the open market, by all means he should do that for himself. But like Noah (and kinda Taj) if he really wants to stay and be close to a championship with a good chance to earn one in the next 5 or so years...he needs to take a decent pay cut or really earn a same size/bigger contract this upcoming year.

Ideally Deng should take 8-9 million per year in my honest opinion. I know it's not his fault, but fact is we overpaid him during his current contract. If he really wants to stay here than I don't see why he wouldn't take a pay cut. He seems like the type that would. But with that being said I wouldn't blame him if he chased more money if a team offered it to him and like others have said if he does get an offer like that he should go for it.
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