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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by Nanners
I did use your post as a strawman in some ways, my apologies for being a d1ck like that. I know you are an intelligent and compassionate person and I should have been more careful about misrepresenting your views while trying to illustrate my point. I guess my post was not really a rebuttal to your points as much as it was a response to the mainstream media agenda on NSA spying (an agenda that has been parroted often in earlier pages of this thread.)

Anyway its not my intention to drive people away. On the other hand, I call things as I see them, and if the "dissenters" are unable to put together a coherent counter argument... well lets just say I will never feel bad about shutting up people who dont know what they are talking about.
thx... much appreciated, sir! you are also someone here on ISH who i have a high regard for across the board, so was a bit dismayed to perceive myself as being typecast in a certain way just now.

the major problem for me is that i tend to look at and examine civilisation in a very different set of ways than most, and it tends to be endlessly frustrating and labyrinthine trying to get the breadth of my opinion across on a variety of matters. for starters, i don't accept the 'healthy functionality' of the way we millions live today as being anything resembling a sustaining reality, especially one that our bodies and minds were evolutionarily designed upon.

you might say that on one hand i admire advancers of thought like locke, descartes and the heroic democratic shot fired around the world by our kickass (gifted, brave) founding fathers, but as a student of the world and nature i tend to observe that such tremendous ideas are bound to be increasingly at odds with reality... both in theory and in practice.

for example, i would like to think that i am well-reasoned enough to separate my emotions from a particular issue that greatly galls me, but if you want a particular issue that arouses in me feelings of deep mistrust in our whole system... in our our laws, common rights, our adam smith the scot system of market-driven politics, and civilisation as a whole... i am deeply angry, resentful and mistrustful of how the whole shebang works to handle the GCC problem, to say the least... a 'problem' that we created in the first place, anyway.

IMO our civilisation is a fraud, and the way that we constructed it in the first place is also a fraud. so when i hear about this NSA thing, i tend to think-- uh, this is news?? i mean, in the age of our ISP's owning our data transactions the way they do, and large corporations (as you mentioned before) like google and yahoo, etc gathering absolutely as much info as possible, and the data hackers doing their thing.... i'm not even sure if PRISM is a good thing or a bad thing. i.e., someone is going to grab our info in a sense, so who do you want it to be?

understand... these are just thoughts that run through my mind. not trying to say i sell myself as anything more.

so that's more or less why i previously said that the whole thing is endlessly complicated to evaluate. it's also very frustrating and depressing, honestly.

IMO in evolutionary-terms we're still very much designed to be tribespeople, and the thing that war consistently teaches us is that we badly need enemies to actively exercise our aggression upon in order to maintain good health. that is, our biochemical package becomes enhanced in all the right ways and we quantifiably become healthier when we have a foe to direct upon. therefore i think it takes very hard work (maybe based on an ideal) for an person to grind past their instincts and try to arrive at a balanced view of a PITA issue, like this.

again, i don't really know modern US politics, but i did prefer the way this thread operated before... like we were just mates hanging out at a cafe, sipping our drinks, exchanging facts, and trying to take what our buddies said with a grain of salt.

but i don't know... maybe when the really challenging stuff comes down, so many ppl become angry that there's no chance but that a kevin-nyc has to get driven out of threads like this.

i would sort of agree in one way, however... if kevin is going to retreat over an issue and does consider that issue to have merit, then it would be better (for me) if he could make his position known a tad better.

all i know FOR SURE is that i know nothing. :D
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