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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
CJ McCollum's interview with Simmons and Rose was really good. Seems like a really smart player who can contribute off the bench as a combo guard right away. I question his ability to defend PGs at the next level but I like him a lot.

Oladipo seems to be a really confident kid and part of that is probably due to his work ethic and defense. He is confident in his prep and work he puts into his game and his defensive ability gives him a certain amount of fearlessness most likely.

big fan of CJ. legit long range shooter. sort of reminds me of harden, in that he can step back if defenders go under the screen or take it to the hoop a bit if they fight over. doesn't have the passing ability or craftiness of harden but there's similarities. i think he can be a major steal if he gets picked beyond the lottery. the main concern i have for him is his lateral quickness for defensive purposes but on a loaded team? this guy can blossom.

he and KD-P are the two potential steals i can see in this draft. i seriously see KD-P being the next shaun livingston. if anyone remembers how good that guy was before his injury, you already know what that means.

what do you folks think of anthony bennett? i really have a hard time seeing how his game transitions to the pros. i think he has some offensive game but i see some major defensive liabilities. he's a big that can shoot. is he a slightly better version of mehmet okur or peak rasheed wallace w/out temper problems? if it's the latter, some team is going to get a gem. doesn't have much of a post game to speak of but neither did sheed early on. don't know if he can develop but hey, this is why i think he's a big question mark. i really don't know how to peg this guy.
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