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Default Re: I just can imagine playing streetball in USA awesome...

Originally Posted by pauk
....i mean it must be crowded all the time? with great players? or am i wrong? would so love to play ball there sometime!

i am from Europe... lived in Denmark, now in Bosnia and the courts outside are mostly empty everywhere...

i have dreams of playing in Venice Beach LA, Ruckerpark NY and so on... anybody ever played there?

I'm from Europe too but I've been to NYC/LAL before and I've visited all the famous courts like Rucker, West 4th, Goat, Kingdome, Venice Beach etc. It was awesome to play on these legendary courts, but it's not like these courts were crowded all the time or all the players there played like pros. West 4th and Venice were probably the most busy courts (at least at the time when I was there).
Where I live you usually find easily some guys for a pick up game but in smaller cities the courts are empty, since basketball is not that popular here...
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