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Originally Posted by (e)
Where did Kirk go?

How are we resigning Nate and Marco? Especially once we take on PP's 16 million dollar contract.

How does that make the Bulls significantly better, just because we get Avery? We lose Deng in his prime for a 35 year old Paul Pierce. We really don't get younger in that sense because the 20th pick is going to be younger than Avery too.

I'd much rather see Jeff Green than Paul Pierce to be honest. But I don't see Deng going anywhere.

I certainly missed Kirk, and in a different way Marco. I thought Robinson was the only FA, and resigning just him would be possible with the miniMLE.

And it makes us better, in my opinion, because Pierce is a significantly better offensive player than Deng. Deng is better on D, but we don't need him on D because of the emergence of Butler and acquisition of Bradley.

Quite frankly, if you've never watched Deng/Bulls play and thought... "Man, we'd be so good if only Deng had a solid 3p shot"... then I don't know what to tell you. But the fact is, the Bulls need more/better 3p shooting to open up the floor for Rose driving and Boozer's 15-18ft jumper, and Noah crashing the boards. Look at the two teams in the finals this past year, and tell me we don't need more shooting.
The proposed trade gives us more shooting without sacrificing much, if anything.
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