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Originally Posted by (e)
With this Thomas Robinson stuff floating around, what do you guys think the play would be if Houston took the 20th pick for him?

Luol Deng and Thomas Robinson for LaMarcus Aldridge?

Doesn't make any sense just to go get Thomas Robinson. The Bulls could sign the 20th pick (Dieng, Plumlee, Withey) and resign Nazr for cheaper than Trobs contract. And signing 2 backup centers makes more sense than bringing in a more expensive 3rd string PF.

I don't see Portland wanting Deng, since they have Batum. And I don't know what sort of value Robinson has at this point, considering all the times he's been traded already. I believe he can still be good, but it's hard to get good value for a player that you (Rockets) didn't play, and after only a year are suddenly shopping for a significantly lesser pick than he was picked with (even though Rockets were not one to pick him).
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