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I really like Bennett, but I agree on the tweener issues in general. I think his length may make up for it, and his strength to me really puts him more as a mismatch PF, who's length and strength will allow him to defend there adequately, more than a true tweener.

It's a fine line between too slow to defend threes, and too small to defend fours, versus too big for threes to handle you and too fast for fours to step out on you. So they're almost always really good, or total flameouts.

I feel like Rodney Rogers is a really good comp for Bennett, especially at the floor level. Although Rogers was a better player for the Clippers than most remember, then his athleticism kind of faded fast, and he became really just a stretch four as his jumper got better. So I'd say high end Rodney Rogers, with the potential to be better even. I feel like he may be the toughest guard in this draft. I do have some concern about him getting money and eating his way out of the league too. For an 18 year old who's obviously spending a ton of time playing basketball, he does seem to be carrying a little extra weight. What happens if he loses his motivation of "making it". But it's a minor concern. By all accounts his work habits are pretty good.
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