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Default Re: NBA Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by Carbine
Bennett will be fine.

We have Battier out there playing power forward in the league nowadays. Draymond Green playing power forward.

I completely agree. Bennett isn't any smaller than everyone's favorite young PF Kenneth Faried either.

I really think the league fluctuates from big to small like on a sign curve every 20 years or so. PFs in particular. I think we're on a low part of the cycle now.

I also really like McCollum, and I never considered the Harden comp, but I totally see it. A premium shooter, who while not a PG by any means, is just a really good pick and roll player. My father is a Lehigh alum, so I probably hear about and see McCollum more than most people. I feel a little burned out. And I've had serious questions about him defending and finishing. But he's a better athlete than he's being given credit for. And Harden can't defend either. If he can create offense and he's not a slug defensively, he'll be fine.
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