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Default Re: Aaron Hernandez involved in a murder case

Originally Posted by Godzuki
just watched the bail hearing. he is so screwed with so much evidence against him between phone calls, texts, video, bubble gum, bullet matches, glock he was holding in video and how the victim was shot unique to glock supposedly....its unbelievable how quickly he went from one of the best future TE's in the NFL to jail for the rest of his life. Too bad theres no death penalty. what a horrible person. i also think its odd how the Pat's never looked at all of those gang tat's he has which show some serious gang activity. i mean one says Blood straight up lol....

wonder if the NFL or the Pats get any backlash for this, and how much of that $40 mill was guaranteed.

Plenty of athletes are affiliated with gangs. I didnt think some would mention it. But Stephen Jackson lets it be known he is a member of the bloods. It took an article from ISH posters to shut me up that he reps a gang. Brandon Jennings came from gang central and has photos of him wearing certain colors and throwing up gang signs. So why is it all of a sudden ODD NE Pats didnt look into his gang affiliation? What if they did and he told them he isnt involved? You're being ridiculously silly here. Aaron Hernandez gave NE no reason to suspect he was involving in gang activity. So I'm lost at why you would even introduce this.

Why would NFL or Pats get backlash from a player who on his free time acted a fool? NE released him before he was read the counts he is charged with. They are done with him. NFL cant act because NE already acted. His career with the NFL is over. So why should they recieve backlash again? Tell us

Last he will get money owed to him that isnt tied to any character clause. So I doubt his bonus money will be witheld. He will see that. And he will need it.

I always laugh at not snitching. People for a living do illegal things and then are expected to behave according to a high code of honor. Criminals snitch.

I know what you're saying. But I actually get the code tho. I'd be pissed if I was Aaron Hernandez.
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