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Default Re: 76ers like them Knees: New Orleans has traded Nerlens Noel to the 76ers

Originally Posted by Ballin095
Horrible trade for philly. Wtf r you think.

Amazing trade for Philadelphia.

What they had without the trade:

2014 season: maybe end up 41-41 or so. Get the 15th pick or so next year.
2015 season: more mediocrity at best
2016 season: more mediocrity

What they have now:

2014 season: miss the playoffs...get a lotto pick in next year's draft, and new orlean's pick
2015: start the year with Noel, maybe Jabari Parker, and another 2014 draftee (which is projected to be the next 2003 draft class)

Looks good to me.
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