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Default Re: I'm fukkin done with the Cavaliers!!

Originally Posted by chips93
those guys fit though

i dont see how bennett fits with TT
I do, TT is not a scorer and never will be. Bennet is a scorer. We desperately needed a scoring forward. Forget about "small forward / power forward" nomenclature for a moment, both these guys are "forwards" and can share the floor being that their skill sets differ the way they do. Unless we trade him it appears to me that the Cavs are building an old school style line up that is concerned more about team chemistry and locker room chemistry than it is "which talented player playing X defined position is going to carry scrubs". We're just playing 2 forwards, like NBA teams did before the separation of nomenclature ever existed.

Now, I'm not saying our talent is the same, but this sort of reminds me of oldschool NY Knicks (early 70's). Kyrie/Dion like Clyde/Monroe (except that neither Kyrie nor Dion can lockdown on D like Frazier could unfortunately) and Debusschere and Lucas would be akin to Thompson and Bennett. One of them will be scoring more (in this case Bennet) and the other (TT) will be asked to focus a bit more on rebounds and defense. All playing slightly out of position, but it won't matter one bit if they click. The only thing is, we have NO satisfactory center IMO. Zeller won't cut it, and Andy won't be healthy. TT is way too small to play as a serious center in the NBA (6-7 and 3/4 w/o shoes and neither heavily built or exceptionally long enough to make up for it). We will see how Bennet performs but I can see where they can use him. We need his offense.

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