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Default Re: Aaron Hernandez involved in a murder case

Originally Posted by GOBB
Plenty of athletes are affiliated with gangs. I didnt think some would mention it. But Stephen Jackson lets it be known he is a member of the bloods. It took an article from ISH posters to shut me up that he reps a gang. Brandon Jennings came from gang central and has photos of him wearing certain colors and throwing up gang signs. So why is it all of a sudden ODD NE Pats didnt look into his gang affiliation? What if they did and he told them he isnt involved? You're being ridiculously silly here. Aaron Hernandez gave NE no reason to suspect he was involving in gang activity. So I'm lost at why you would even introduce this.

Why would NFL or Pats get backlash from a player who on his free time acted a fool? NE released him before he was read the counts he is charged with. They are done with him. NFL cant act because NE already acted. His career with the NFL is over. So why should they recieve backlash again? Tell us

Last he will get money owed to him that isnt tied to any character clause. So I doubt his bonus money will be witheld. He will see that. And he will need it.

I know what you're saying. But I actually get the code tho. I'd be pissed if I was Aaron Hernandez.

i'm not surprised by SJ having gang affiliations but either way if you followed the NFL you'd know teams are generally very cautious about player characters. i mean they all passed up on Moss just for little stuff like weed or something and players with character concerns fall a lot on draft boards. so you'd think a guy with Bloods tatooed on his hands and gang tat's all over his arms would be a big warning sign...and there are reports now that he's always maintained gang affiliations which was sort of known. NBA barely cares about character concerns compared to NFL. Granted everyone gets chances especially guys with talent, and the Pats rolled the dice and lost...thats why there'd be backlash for taking a poor character guy after he screws up and stains their city/team.

Read this:

As for why the NFL should care or gets backlash read this:

bottom line no professional organization wants these hoodlums affiliated with them, and why they pass up guys who should be drafted way higher for guys they know have good character. this just adds to the already poor reputation the NFL has with poor character athletes. Fans don't like that shit either, and if anything it gives opposing fans ammo to humiliate them with. And no organization is dumb enough to just take a players word for how great a guy they are least i hope not.

oh and i was wondering how much was guaranteed out of that $40mill...obviously NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. so if he didn't get a signing bonus and stuff like that he could be compltely screwed out of the money too altho i'm sure he did, but just how much?

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