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Default Re: I'm fukkin done with the Cavaliers!!

He better have a great work ethic to lose those 20 pounds he's gained so far this offseason...maybe more if the Cavs want him to be a combo forward because he won't be quick enough at 240 to play SF at all. I agree that he's a good shooter and all that but I've been saying weeks leading up to the draft that he reminds me of Rodney Rogers to a tee. Same size, same skill set but Bennett is more athletic.

Rogers Freshman Year @ Wake Forest
16.3 PPG
7.9 RPG
1.5 APG
1.8 SPG
0.6 BPG
57% FG
29% 3PT (Got it to 36% in his Junior season)
67% FT

Anthony Bennett Freshman Year @ UNLV
16.1 PPG
8.1 RPG
1.0 APG
0.7 SPG
1.2 BPG
53% FG%
38% 3PT
70% FT

I stand pat on my Rodney Rogers comparison
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