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Default Re: The Celtics are stupid

If the Celts liked Brooks, they wouldnt have traded him for Johnson on draft night. We've already got Crawford, Bradley and Lee at SG, is it so hard to believe Danny preferred them to Brooks? Bogans will get bought out, there's already rumours of Humphries going to Charlotte on Twitter and Wallace will net a nice asset at either this deadline or next from a pseudo-contender over-reaching. Reggie is on a decent contract, I like him as a player but will also be valuable to contenders - could possibly package him with Wallace to some soft as shit team at the deadline.

As for Olynyk... give the kid a chance. scored 18 points a game on 66% shooting, what more can you expect off a college player? Not a great rebounder, but Sully sure is, and Olynyk has some great offensive moves.
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