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Default Re: Kings aggressively trying to move up in the draft. Hoping to get McLemore

Move Tyreke to SF (basically run the point a bit) to play a similar role to LBJ, resign Tony Douglas to play D and shoot 3's like Chalmers and get Ben Mclemore to play SG like Ray Ray, Kings don't have to let Reke go. Start Patterson to spread the floor with Mc, Tony D and Reke and Cousins get heaps of room to operate.

That teams perimeter athletic ability would be crazy,

PG: Toney D
SG: Ben Mac
SF: Reke
PF: Patterson
C: Cousins

Imo that line up would work Toney D, Mac & Patterson are players who play well without the ball, Cousins and Reke play well with it no need to give up on Reke just yet.

Just trade Jimmer and something else for a decent back up SF and Kings are good. Isaiah Thomas + JT both make excellent back ups as well giving us mad depth for once. Kings MUST trade Thornton now.

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