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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by Fudge
Still wondering how they're gonna play this out though. Is he gonna play the 3? Seems like he's big and strong enough to match up against most 3's, but seems like he isn't quick enough to defend them. His jumpshot isn't exactly reliable yet either. Or have they quickly given up on Thompson and have Bennett start at the 4, his natural position. Idk, to me, Noel or Len would have been the "safe" pick.

Didn't he shoot 38% from three? A 6'7"-6'8" freshman who shoots that well from the outside would give me more than enough confidence that he will be a good shooter in the NBA. What did you see from him that makes you worried? His form is fine.

Overall, not sure how he will pan out. Lateral quickness is the big question mark for me. I do think he might benefit from the more open style of the NBA kinda like how Barnes has.
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