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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Bennett = Paul Millsap, if you like that as your first pick in the draft then okay.
Except Bennett is more powerful around the rim than Milsap and plays above the rim. Milsap plays under the rim, but I understand the comparison.

All in all I'm fine with the pick. I will give the kid a fair shake for 2-3 years to develop. He came in and averaged 15/8 his freshman year at 27MPG. Pretty good.

Ideally he's a PF and that's where you'd want to play him. He'd be a nice fit as a stretch 4 for Irving/Waiters combo. But the real issue at hand here is what the hell happens to Tristan Thompson? He made such great progress last season when Varejao went down. Thompson isn't made to play the center position, but he can play it in short spurts by out-hustling bigger guys.

It just puts more questions in my head on what they're doing. You'd think if they felt Thompson was a long-term fit for that position they'd get Porter or Noel to fill there two weaker spots that come into play in the future.

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