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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by Fudge
Still inconsistent from 3 to be a regular SF in the league imo. I'm not even sure if he could play the position. He's just a natural 4.

If he were drafted onto any other team, there's no doubt in my mind that coaches would put him at the 4. Right off the bat. Just seemed like a bizarre pick with Thompson blossoming, and Varejao injured. Didn't they just trade for TRob too?

Idk, like a lock for CLE to get a Center or a SF... Len, Noel, Porter, maybe even Oladipo. I'd still take any of those guys ahead of Bennett.

Seems like the Cavs were focused solely on taking the most talented guy. Seeing as how Noel and McClemore slipped, it seems there was no real consensus among GMs who the BPA was. And Porter is overrated imo. At least if Bennett busts you can say you went for potential. Porter has low upside and poor lateral quickness.
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