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Default Re: Anyone Else Like The Bennett Pick?

Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
I don't understand what you're talking about. Cavs have passed over each of the following the last three years:


I mean, what sense does that make when Varejao can't stay healthy? And oh btw, you trade up to draft Zeller last year.

Makes no sense.

whatever... how can you not trust the cavs decision. i think it is a great pick for them. they obviouslty had a reason they didnt pick noel (probly knee and weight). it isn't like valancuinas or drummond were hugely successful either.

we made two great picks in 2011 and two great picks in 2012

and imo two great picks in 2013. bennett is a f*ckin beast. he is a freshman and already has a great game.

he isn't gonna win rookie of the year or anything, but he will be good.
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